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JD/Cox fic


Written for slash table challenge.
Title: My first time to everything
Characters for chapter: JD, Elliot, Cox, Jordan, Turk, Carla, Janitor
Prompt: Denial
Rating: PG, will increase eventually.
Summary: Elliot and JD are at it again.
Warnings: m/m slash, language represented by ----.
A/N: This is unbetaed, however it will be betaed eventually.


I figured now was a good time to break the news, she seemed to have calmed down. Truth was it wasn't possible after all we've been through that she'd still have feelings for me. I knew this when she talked to me earlier.

"Hey, JD, thanks!" Elliot said a bit sadly in spite of the tears now having died down.

"Yeah, I can't go through this with you, it never works out," JD said before exiting the closet

"Yeah," Elliot said with the same sad expression. 'Typical of him, he wouldn't understand,' she thought. She sadly exited the closet and walked down the halls. However she didn't notice a sympathetic face looking at her.

Having left the closet, JD felt a little relieved that she was no longer bonding him with her chains. It seemed his words released her bonds. Just then his pager went off, showing up in the room, Cox filled him in on the news, "Mrs. Gray has flat-lined,"

"How?" JD asked.

"It appears she couldn't handle the meds we gave her," Cox said. " and she hasn't even approached her surgery yet."

"Uh..can I see the chart," JD said motioning for the chart. " Like I thought.., Mrs. Gray is allergic to that medication, see his chart."

"What?!!" Cox said shockingly.

"Well, it appears you've finally killed a patient," chuckled Carla, however it was forced.

Looking under what seemed mileage of paper, in small words, there was the medication he was allergic to. Meanwhile JD was attempting to revive the woman. However it was unsuccessful.

"You..just killed that woman," Cox said low and angrily. 

"But.." JD said.

"Just get out of my site," Cox said.

"Yes.., sir," JD stuttered before leaving the room. He peeked in the room and noticed him throwing things, possibly breaking things as he was doing so.

" Hey, Perry, " Jordan said, " If you're just going to sulk over a death that was your fault anyway refrain from drinking in front of Jack,"

However it seemed Jordan's words didn't penetrate Perry Cox. He just kept on drinking his scotch.

" You know Jordan you should try that lecture on someone who cares," Perry said, " Because right now, I just don't feel like absorbing those words,"

"You know Perry, you shouldn't fall in a great depression everytime something gets you down, you knew it was bound to happen,"
Jordan answered.

"I don't have to hear this, you know what.., leave," Perry said suddenly. When Jordan didn't budge, Perry used force.

"Give me, my kids," Jordan said.

But Jordan was slammed out by the door. She knew it was bound to happen.

"You know what dude, I'm sorry, you see Carla gets worked up about things," Turk said.

"That's okay, buddy," JD said , arm around Turk. 

It was then there was a knock on the door. Turk left his spot on the couch next to JD to answer the door.
What met his eye was a tear-eyed Jordan. 

"Hey, Jordan, what's wrong?" Turk asked giving Jordan a hand, leading her to the couch.

" You know, I don't find it very important, really, I just wanted to take my kids, when it happened," Jordan said.

"When what happened?" JD asked. "It's my fault isn't it,"

"It's not your fault it was bound to happen," Jordan answered.

"Maybe I can help get him back for you," JD offered.

"No, it seems he doesn't like me now like he used to," Jordan answered.

It was then JD decided, since Cox had spiraled in yet another depression, he was going to get him out of it.

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