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An original fic

Title: A knight's squire
Overall rating: T
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama
Summary: When a young girl wants changes in her life, things take a turn for the better.
Warnings: Magic and blood present. If language is present it's presented by ----.
A/N: Based on a true story. However key word is BASED, so there is some fantasy present. Unbetaed.
Now then for the story..

There once was a girl..who felt she didn't belong.

Young Koharu, arose from bed, yawning from sleep, she had a nightmare the previous night, at her old school, her old teacher talking to her mother, "They shouldn't even allow girls who can't even fend for themselves to attend school. I suggest finding a place, a school that could even tolerate that helpless girl, who can't even defend herself from bullies, someplace where she'll be welcome to such foolishness."

Stretching, Koharu turned to look at the clock, it said 7:50, she was going to be late, for school started in 5 minutes. 

"OH NO!!" Koharu exclaimed. Heading towards the kitchen, she grabbed the toast her mother had prepared for her and quickly put her clothes on.

"You know, you're running late, Koharu, right?" her mother asked.

"I know, bye," Koharu answered before heading out the door.

After running some ways she came across a temple like building, the doors were blocked by pieces of wood.

However she figured out in several seconds, (she was really looking that fast), that the wooded door was the only way inside. Moving a piece of wood out of the way, she opened the door and found a room full of statues and the entrance to school grounds.

Unbeknownst to Koharu however a hidden camera was behind one of the statues. 

Looking behind the camera a young lady, with lavender hair and blue eyes stared at Koharu from a distance.

"Looks like she's the one." she stated.

Beyond the entrance Koharu saw a brick path leading to a swan fountain. Water emptying out of the beak.
Koharu headed to a long stand which was by the fountain, 3 people were sitting there. 

"Uh, sir? is this a school," Koharu asked.

An old man answered, "What do these goons look like," the man pointed to the three young kids talking to one another.

"Now, now she just asked a question," a handsome young man said. "You must be new here, Mr. Otohara, nice to meet you. Welcome to the school of young knights."

Koharu picked up her schedule among the other sheets of paper. Looking beyond the paper, Mr. Otohara exclaimed, "Yay! first period with me,"

Mr. Otohara grasped Koharu's hand and led her to class. They met two young kids along the way, Mr.Otohara introduced them, "Ichigo, Honda meet the new girl!"
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