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JD/Cox fic

Written for slash table challenge.
Title: A first time for everything
Characters for chapter: JD, Cox, Carla, Turk, Elliot, Janitor
Prompt: Friends
Rating: PG, will increase eventually.
Summary: Elliot and JD are at it again.
Warnings: m/m slash, language represented by ----.
A/N: This is unbetaed, however it will be betaed eventually.


"You really think we have it made, you with Kim and me with Keith." Elliot asked
JD. "I mean now you get to raise a kid with Kim and I'm getting married with

"But we know what happens every time we hook up." JD said. "You know what, I don't
really know why we can't make it work out." Elliot said.

JD lost in a trance, didn't notice Elliot's lips getting closer and closer to his

Suddenly the door opened, Carla and Turk entered the Doctor's Lounge having

witnessed JD and Elliot about to kiss, "Oh, my god," Turk and Carla nearly

screamed at the same time. "How did this start again," Turk asked in a high-pitched


Turk took a seat next to JD, while Elliot following Carla's eye signals got out
of her seat and followed Carla out of the room.

"Elliot, how did you even let yourself get distracted by JD, don't you get it
he doesn't love you," said Carla.

"Really, Carla, I expected that from you, you practically forced me to go out
 with Keith," Elliot answered furious. " I wonder though sometimes, if it meant
 to be don't you ever wonder that when your with Turk," Elliot said.

"I know that Turk loves me," Carla said proudly. 'This is gonna be a while' Carla

Meanwhile in the doctor's lounge Turk wasn't having much luck with JD either.

"Look Turk, you know how I get around Elliot, I get lost in her eyes." JD protested.

"JD, I'm sorry I have to do this," Turk said before giving JD a slap across his face.

"Get over it," Turk said.

Carla and Turk having left their fights in a hizzy left JD and Elliot to think
about the advice their friends had given them.

JD rubbed his sore face the slap was pretty hard and left a red mark across his
face. At the same time Elliot was holding on to her steam it took all her will
power to keep her from yelling at Carla.

There was only one thing to do talk to someone who could understand the problems
they were going through.

JD was looking forward to meeting Cox right before he got off of work, so he
could speak to him of his problems, because even if Cox threw out big ones at
him at least he listened to his problems.

Elliot knew the Janitor would be good company. Even though it seemed he didn't
understand what she was going through.

"You see there's this guy I'm trying to hook up with," Elliot stated.

"But don't you already have Keith as a boyfriend," the Janitor asked.

"But I don't really think it was the right decision in my life," Elliot said,
"I mean I love Keith but I think this guy is really the right one for me."

Janitor had in his head he knew who was responsible for this already.

JD was on a quest searching for Dr.Cox, he found him in a patient's room talking
to a young lady.

"Okay, Mrs.Gray, I understand you have some trouble grabbing the guy of your
dreams but I ain't your shrink." Cox said to the patient.

Looking in the eyes of the patient made Cox whirl around coming face to face
with JD.

"Look, Newbie, I don't have time to play the game of spin the bottle today so
bag someone else to play with," Cox said to JD.

"But Dr.Cox this is important," JD said. Looking at JD, "It can wait, Mrs.Gray
is waiting for surgery on her appendix." Cox stated.

"But Dr.Cox, I need some man on man advice on dealing with women," JD said.

"Don't tell me, getting a girl pregnant isn't enough?" Cox asked.

"But I really think I could make this work?" JD replied.

"Well, in case you didn't notice Barbie doll has a fiance," Cox said.

"How did you know I was talking about Elliot?" JD asked.

"Sometimes you are just too predictable." Cox replied. 

"You stalk the poor girl every day, you don't give her any space."

JD walked off rather hurt, 'Nothing could possibly make this day any worse,' he thought.

Meanwhile, Cox pondered on the last words he said, 'damn'.

JD realized at his talk with Dr.Cox he had to break off the little thing
that happened earlier between them. Between Elliot and him.

He knew where to meet Elliot to discuss about this. JD headed in the halls to
search for Elliot, perhaps she stopped by the nurse's station to talk to Carla.

"Hey Carla, have you seen Elliot?" JD asked, rather distracted by the dirty
looks the nurses were giving him.

"Last time I seen her, she was crying in the supply closet, someone had broken
her heart," Carla said in a sad and sarcastic way.

As JD roamed the halls hoping to catch Elliot in a supply closet, he tripped
over a mop in his path.

"Sorry," The janitor said.

Rising up after having fell due to tripping over the mop in his path, JD rose up
to pursue Elliot. After having found her in a supply closet, nearly crying
herself out.

"Elliot, what's wrong?" JD asked suddenly feeling sympathy for the soaked Elliot.

"Keith, called off the wedding." Elliot sobbed.

"There, there" JD said giving her a hug as he patted her on the back.

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